17 August, 1998


An unusual combination with an apt title for this new edition to the snowboard and surfing event calendar.

The 1998 Pipeline Bungy Boarder Cross series on Coronet Peak has been a huge success and to celebrate the season finale an even bigger event has been planned - the PIPE AND PEAK @ PORRIDGE spectacular with cash and over $2 500 of prizes.

Snow boarding and surfing are showing a huge growth on snow fields and oceans around the world", says Hippi from Pipeline Bungy.

A field of about 50 competitors will race it out in a boarder cross on Coronet Peak on Friday 25 September then head down to the infamous surf spot "Porridge" just out of Riverton for the surfing leg on the 26th and 27th of September.

Boarder cross is a knockout event which sees six competitors race down a course negotiating jumps, half pipes and lips. "We have had excellent feedback from competitors and the team at Mount Cook have been superb in their support and promotion of this event", comments Hippi.

The surfing competition will be run in accordance with the NZ Surfriders Association rules. "The South Coast offers some of the best surf spots in New Zealand and only two hours from Queenstown ski fields", says Kere Menzies from the Globe Hotel in Riverton.

"Riverton is stoked to be involved in this new event and we hope that it will become an annual feature. We have had heaps of interest from Invercargill and Riverton surfers who will be heading up to Queenstown and hope to see plenty of riders from Queenstown and Wanaka down this way."

For more information eMail us!


Hippi at Pipeline Bungy, Queenstown - 03 442 545, 025 344 379

Kere at the Globe Hotel, Riverton - 03 234 8886

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