Win a FREE Queenstown Holiday.

Well many of you that have followed the progress of Coronet Peak, Queenstown with KiwiNewZ Snowcam will have spotted the tall pine trees in the foreground. The competition is to guess the date that snow falls on these trees and we can see it on Snowcam!

If you would like to see the current snow report you may get a few tips on the weather.

Thats right, your chance to WIN two FREE nights in a luxury lake front apartment just minutes from Queenstown ( subject to availability).

Just send the date you guess snow will fall on these trees with your name, age and postal address in an email to <[email protected]> with TREES as the SUBJECT. If you would like to subscribe to the free monthly newszine KiwiNewZ add the word SUBSCRIBE;. If your browser likes me you could try clicking here to do both!

If their is more than one correct entry then a draw from a hat will be made.

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