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While you are in Riverton make sure you check out these local attractions.

The Early Settler's Museum is one of New Zealand's best regional museums with a large collection of photo's and memorabilia. Open daily from 2pm - 4pm.


Take a walk in to the Longwoods. Follow the old water race built by the Chinese during Riverton's gold rush and poke around the remains of Printz's quartz battery.

Visit the Seafood Co-op at the main wharf. Fresh blue cod or live lobsters. Check out the fishing boats on the way around to The Rocks, Taramea Bay and the wild South Coast.


Visit Brian at Southern Paua, a paua shell factory and  see how paua jewellery is made. Take in your own shell and they will polish it for you. Get your photo taken in the worlds largest Paua.

Take a walk along North beach. This was the original route to and from Invercargill. Check out Hoi Hoi's house on the way back, Maori wife of the "father" of Riverton, Captain James Howell.

Just west of Riverton you'll find the dreamy seaside village of Colac Bay, check out Southland's unique surf spots with the primo being `Porridge'.


Visit the old Chinese Gold Workings on Midlands farm, and just nearby Orepuki - a township which has been moved three times while its inhabitants sluiced away the ground beneath them searching for gold (Garnets and other gemstones can still be found on nearby beaches).

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